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Our Process

Three Steps

Discovery Call

We begin with a friendly conversation about your business, its mission, and your sales process.Then we'll explore how a product for your prospects, a scorecard lead magnet, would streamline your lead generation.

Onboarding and Build

We onboard with a relevant, fun quiz. After receiving your form, our team jumps into action to furnish your scorecard start-to-finish.Our team sends you a demo for comments and revisions, then fine-tunes and finalizes for ship.

Stream of Leads

Voilà! Within two week, your business now wields a precision instrument, an evergreen lead magnet, ready to work 24/7 to meet, educate, and attract highly qualified leads to your offer.

We Work Best With:

Grow Like a Pro

 Our Service Offering 

Scorecard Lead Engine

Our premium, fully-furnished scorecard package.Stand out and scale through personalization, while competitors continue relying on spam.With an engaging scorecard concept nurturing leads while gathering data insights, your marketing accelerates deals, smoothly guiding prospects along their customer journey into satisfied clients.Package includes:● Fully customized landing page, built to brand identity
● Tiered scoring system linked to multiple results pages
● Personalized PDF reports automatically emailed to leads
● Custom graphics & data visualizations throughout
● Lead segmentation and routing into sales pipeline
Turn around time: 2 weeks.

Price: $1500

Elite Email Outreach

For businesses seeking the extra edge of cold outreach. Works hand-in-glove with the scorecard lead magnet, improving customer interest and CTA rates.Our team builds a brand new targeted email prospect list, crafts engaging sequences with recurrent touchpoints in a multi-tiered funnel.Package includes:● Choice of cold email scale (700-2000 weekly messages)
● Personalized openers, multi-touch sequences, re-nurturing
● Key metrics tracked via dashboards and weekly reporting
● Real-time campaign performance analytics
Already have an email or lead list? Great! We steadily add more verified leads with your ICP criteria for the duration of your campaign to reach targets.

Price: $2000+

Scorecard Leads

General Information

Frequently Asked Questions:

Busy business-owners who recognize they need more digital marketing, but are laser-focused on performing the highest ROI activities for their business.

Although we're able to research & engineer effective quizzes for any industry — we specialize in working with startups, B2B brands, and companies scaling their marketing spend from 0% -> 20% and a massive transformative purpose. Unfortunately, we cannot work with everyone.

The primary difference is the sheer amount of prospect data that comes from their quiz answers. Not only are they signaling interest, prospects can reveal their primary goals, buying interest, budget capability, specific pain points, and experience level with your industry.

Not as easy to collect from free templates or checklists, right?

After onboarding, everything necessary to complete the scorecard is accomplished in less than 2 weeks.
For Elite Email Outreach, after a 2 week warm-up period, the domains are ready to send 350 weekly emails each. During warm-up we create the prospect list and email sequences, to be ready to launch the campaign. Leads will begin opening and responding to outreach in first 2 weeks following warm-up.

This is a done-for-you marketing service designed to save you time, not take more of it. During the signing call, we send over an onboarding questionnaire to ensure we have everything we need to deliver the scorecard. All inclusive, this will take less than 1-2 hours. After that we will send reports on progress until final delivery.

Sure! Book a call or feel free to email me for further support:

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